Saturday, July 10, 2010


I was in the middle of darkness when almost everyone has left me alone
but how lucky I am, I still have you. i still have someone to call my own.
I had my heart broken everyday and all the pieces were blown away.
i have no idea how but I really need to find my way.
Without why's,
you wiped the tears falling down from my eyes
and fill these with something nice,
just like angels in disguise

Just smile for me, I'll be strong if you do.
And how I wish I could smile for you too
How I wish I could be happy like you.

The thing that amazes me is when you insist on letting me love myself more.
You show me what I am for, that I am significant to the world
Now I know I still have my worth.
No need to tell you, no need to say
You see me within, that you see when I am not really okay.
When I am trying to cover up the pain, when it feels like I am under the rain.
When I thought I would be going insane
You have shown me that you always care.

You have trusted me, on what I've done and said
And told me that I should not be afraid
You appreciate my simple ways and every little thing I made
Though I commit a mistake, your love for me never fades

Those times I assumed no one could understand me,
Though I always try to make others happy
Everybody would judge me just on what they see
But you, you accepted and took me where I should be

My life was never easy, I fail at times
But you keep on believing that I can still rise
I doubt trusting people then you made me realize
By proving that not all things were built on lies

Whenever I cry, you're always there
Always ready to offer your shoulder
No word in this world that I need to utter
Because you already knew when we look at each other

Thank you...

For being so true..

For everything you have given me
More than fame, more than money,
And wherever I may be
You're a treasure I'll surely keep.

I love you my dearest friends and
I have nothing more to say but to ask you to:
JUST STAY.. Stay... :D
-frankie M garcia

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