Sunday, October 2, 2011

Don't you think life is awesome? It is.

I heard a lot of stories from people, their stories are unique, heartwarming and simply amazing. Some had their happily ever after, some found their way on distant places they never included in the list of their beautiful dreams. Some have let go and some are still holding on. As I bring back into my mind the words, phrases and sentences which they told me, I was captivated as if I was reading a novel over and over again, divided in many chapters, detailed and day by day, something new is revealed.

The stories of their lives is too lengthy to be summarized. They had their ups and downs which made them "real" men, it's more than the Theory of Evolution of Man can explain. Changes do happen all the time but it does not take place in just a minute and may be not just because of a single circumstance that may interfere with a man's life.

Life... is indeed a great journey. It seems long when you've got so much to wait for and seems short when you just can't get enough. That's why we were reminded most of the time about "Contentment" as one of the keys to genuine happiness.

Sometimes, you think you already got everything you want but there will come a day in which you're gonna continue your unending search for true happiness, something that won't be that easy. Nevertheless, it all depends on you, on how you see life. Don't you think it's awesome? It is.

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