Saturday, December 31, 2011

"2011: One of the Best"

It's unbelievable how time flies so fast. 2011 would be ending soon and 2012 is approaching. But before it happens, I am writing this note to mark 2011 as one of the best years of my life. I'm calling it "one of the best" not because it's one of the happiest but because it changed my life forever.

January of 2011. I did not feel that a new year has come because I was so busy, I was still going to school, from Monday to Sunday. Schoolworks. I didn’t have much time to go to church and of course, that wasn’t fine with me.

February. I enjoyed our Head Nursing Duty wherein we played the roles of our clinical instructor. It made me realize that I really have the desire to teach. It feels so good to share what you know, what you have and learn from other people, too.
I heard some news, some are good, some are not. What are they? Nevermind. Lol

March. My life got busier each day. Graduation is so soon. I prayed to God and told Him that “24 hours” isn’t enough for a day. He didn’t give me more time. Instead, He gave me more strength. God is so amazing. The best part of March? Papa just got home for vacation! :)

April. This is the month of my graduation, the same month when my two uncles, who are so dear to me, died. My family has this undying pain that we have to overcome and it was not easy that every thing happened all of a sudden. It didn’t feel so well to receive my diploma and start the local nursing board review with sad thoughts at the back of my mind. I wasn’t able to keep my eye on the goal at first. But life goes on.

May. And as I said, life must go on so we started the month of May happy. We had an out-of-town trip. The whole family was finding the way to recovery after losing two loved ones. The local nursing board review was ongoing. This time, I became more focused, stronger and more determined to pass the board examination. I had a closer relationship with God. I could feel, He was and is taking care of me all the time.

June. The pressure was getting higher and higher for everyone aspiring to be a nurse, like me. This month, I already established my study habits. (Too late! Haha) I sacrificed waking up so early everyday and sleeping late to pray the rosary. I read books when I have “free time” (The free time I’m talking about is when I’m not in my review class.)

July. They said, you won’t be able to sleep sound the night before the board examination. However, I actually did have a good sleep. I read my notes over and over again the whole day which is not really recommended. And so, July 2 and 3 came. I cried so hard during the first day of my exam, freaking hard! Haha. This was also the month of my birthday, wherein I reached the age of 20. And being 20? It means a lot to me.

August. The month of sleepless nights and “trying-to-be-busy” days! Haha. Honestly, I was not expecting I can pass the NLE but I did! Hard work pays off. And I know, God helped me make it through. He was my only hope.

September. My family, friends, acquaintances and I were still on the process of “OMG-RN-ka-na.” Lol. I was so happy to make them proud. This month, I had undergone trainings. I met new people, new friends, learned new things, and started reading my nursing notes again (which I hated at first! Haha).

October. I couldn’t remember so much about this month. Because I had the same routine, life gets boring. Aw. Looking at the brighter side, because of this boredom, I got time to collect ideas in mind and review all the things I have learned from the past few months.

November. Life gets more boring. Lol. It was already making me spend a lot of time thinking about things I don’t wanna think about. Nevertheless, God, His love and my family make me happy through the miracles I see every day.

December. The busiest December, ever! The month wherein I was doing a lot of things every day. The best December, because we were able to share our blessings to the less fortunate, to the ones in need; because we knew deep inside, we made other people happy even in simple ways. My favorite part? It was the realization that it wasn’t too late for me to finally move on and that I don’t have to wait for New Year to start over. It’s not bad to look back sometimes but I’m done crying over the past. I could clearly see that I am lucky to have God who loves me so much. I have a very great family. I got true friends. What more can I ask for?
And at last, I already had this feeling of contentment and genuine happiness because I know a lot of people care for me.

Look how these big changes happened in just a year.

Though we have lost two loved ones, though we feel bad for the victims of Sendong (I wish they would have their hearts healed soon) and for the difficulties the country is facing, still, thank You Lord for this wonderful year and for giving me lovely angels (family and friends) as I go through this beautiful life. Please let me keep them forever.

GOODbye 2011, you are remarkable. 2012, here we come! :)

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